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A portrait of Tobias West, founder of New Jericho and CEO of Vanadium inc.

New Jericho is one of the three announced factions that will be in Phoenix Point on release. New Jericho is the most militaristic of the three factions, with a heavy emphasis on reclaiming Earth from the mist and permanently exterminating the virus.

Origin Edit

"We are the last of humanity and we must unite." -Tobias West
New Jericho was founded by Tobias West, CEO of Vanadium Incorporated, a security and development company that was involved in the first encounter with the Pandora Virus in the Arctic. Tobias West decided that to preserve humanity, he had to created a unified human state. Following the Enyosec incident, West started recruiting like minded individuals, veterans, survivalists, and others to form New Jericho.

Beliefs Edit

New Jericho was founded on the principal of human purity and extermination of outside threats, a response to a hostile and strange new world. They have an aggressive policy against mutation, screening any new entrants for mutation and using surgery to remove any existing mutations. New Jericho believes in returning humanity back to its former glory through force of arms.

Technology Edit

Weapons Edit


A rendering of a flamethrower; the makeshift design suggests it was created and used by New Jericho forces.

New Jericho specializes in conventional military weaponry, with a focus on developing new methods for combating the Pandora Virus. It is theorized that they will make heavy usage of flamethrowers and other flame based weaponry, to tie in with their belief of purifying Earth.

Cybernetics Edit

New Jericho is also described as having advanced bionic replacements for limbs. It is currently theorized that New Jericho will develop better cybernetics technology that can be used to augment your soldiers beyond returning function to to missing limbs.

Drones Edit

Based on updates in the crowdfunding campaign, New Jericho will likely have access to drones for both combat and utility purposes. Concept art has already shown recon drones that troops can carry into battle, suggesting that they will play a large role in the final game.

Concept Artwork Edit