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The Disciples of Anu are one of the three main NPC factions in the game. They are a religious order whose modus operandi is controlling/weaponizing the Pandora Virus' mutations.

Through a collection of eldritch manuscripts called the Sacred Mysteries, the Disciples have unified in the belief that the Mist was sent by their deity, the Dead God, as a form of damnation for Humanity's crimes and follies, but also as the way of salvation as a means to purify Humanity of its sins and imperfections.[1]

This way of life violently clashes with the ways of New Jericho, a militaristic faction that despises the Pandora Virus and seeks to destroy it at every opportunity, resulting in a severe conflict of interest with the Disciples.

Meanwhile, Synderion has remained neutral towards the Disciples, their values hold hierarchies and obstructionism as seen within the Disciples as oppressive but also holding freedom of religion in high regard. As such Synedrion is unwilling to actively oppose the Disciples at this time.

Origins Edit

Appearing around the time the Mist first started to spread over the world, the Disciples began when a figure known only as the Exalted received a vision from the Dead God. Seeing a path of not only survival but salvation, the Exalted set off in search of whatever he could find to set things right. His followers approached many individuals and organisations in search of information that could be used, one such group being the founders of the Firebird Initiative (the group who would later found Synedrion) and later on approached Lisa Owens, a woman who had a stable strain of the Pandora Virus and was believed to be necessary for the path to salvation by the Disciples.

Phoenix Point speculates that some of their beliefs are grounded in Abrahamic religions, based upon the wording and other features of the Disciples scriptures, but no conclusive proof exists.

NOTE: The Disciples of Anu are a unified collection of three prior cults, those being the Order of Anu, the Children of the Black Tide,

Technology Edit

Disciples of Anu Airship

Concept art of a Disciples of Anu airship.

Little is known about the traditional technological prowess of the Disciples of Anu, though in Fig Update 17, they were shown to have the ability to construct and pilot airships.

Their true specialty however lies in Biotechnology, specifically controlled and stable mutations that grant them supernatural abilities that allow them to remain competitive with not only the aliens but the other Factions forces as well.

References Edit

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